2024 Plans Now Available on the Medicare Quote Engine

We have some exciting news for your AEP prep! All 2024 Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan details are now available on Ritter Insurance Marketing’s Medicare Quote Engine.

The Medicare Quote Engine (MQE) is the number one preparation tool for this Annual Enrollment Period! With so many plan options from carriers, sorting through all of them to find the right one for your client may seem overwhelming. Enter the MQE!

Quoting Made Easy

Ritter’s quote engine produces plan details for Medicare Advantage, including MAPD, Medicare Supplement, Part D, and final expense plans all from the convenience of the Ritter Platform. You can narrow down your selection by entering your client’s age, zip code, county, gender, and marital status. Then, you can filter your quote results by plan type and carrier and sort your results by price, type, rating, and more.

Even better, the MQE allows you to clearly compare up to three plans side by side, which makes it easier for you to relay the pros and cons of each plan to your client. Rather than search through costs for hundreds of plans from dozens of carriers, you can generate client-specific quotes with just a few clicks.

How to Use Ritter’s Medicare Quote Engine

To use the MQE, visit App.RitterIM.com and log in to the Ritter Platform with your RitterIM username. Then, click Quote in the navigation.

Then, select the product type from the drop-down menu, enter your client’s information, and click Quote Now. You can filter down to specific plan types or carriers by clicking the salmon-colored, circular filter button .

You can sort results by clicking the column heading of the information you want sorted. For example, if you want to sort by Annual Rate, simply click the column heading “A.” Not sure what the letters in the column headings mean? Hover your mouse over them to see a pop-up box with the full title.

Did you know?

The MQE works in tandem with Ritter’s Platform client relationship manager (CRM)! When you have your client’s information saved in your Platform CRM, running a personalized quote is quick and easy. Simply click the calculator button to run a quote for that client. Using the CRM and MQE together will save you time and effort!

Our MQE is reserved only for Ritter agents, but you can create your own free RitterIM account and gain access in just minutes!

Estimate Your Clients’ Drug Costs!

Also through the Platform, you can access our Drug Cost Estimator which quotes the prices of many different and common prescriptions from our extensive lists of carriers so you can let your clients know not only the cost of their plans, but also the real prices they’ll pay for the drugs they need covered!

This tool can be accessed through the Clients icon on the Platform and works in tandem with the MQE for you to give your clients a personalized and accurate look at how much they’ll be paying for their entire health coverage. When you save drugs and pharmacies in your client’s profile, you can make drug quoting as quick as a button click. Simply navigate to the Drugs & Pharmacies tab in your client’s profile, select either Drugs or Pharmacies from the left-hand corner, and click the Add button in the right-hand corner.

This level of reliability and insight from an agent is nearly impossible to match, so you won’t want to miss out on utilizing this special tool!

Look Up Your Clients’ Providers!

Our most recent addition to the MQE, Provider Lookup, takes the quoting process one step further.

Not only can you quote plans and drug prices for your clients, but you can also let clients know if they can keep their current primary care providers or specialists, and scout out other in-network providers, when enrolling in Medicare or changing to a new plan or carrier!

To use this feature, you’ll first need to save your client’s provider information in their profile. Simply navigate to the Providers tab in your client’s profile, select Add and enter in the provider type, zip code, and name. Find your client’s provider in the search results and click Add on the right side.

Then watch this video to learn how to use Provider Lookup!


Stay Compliant

Please note that the MQE is for agent use only. This means you should not show the quote engine to your clients, even in an official sales appointment.

But, there’s good news! Shop & Enroll, our consumer-facing quoting and enrollment platform, is powered by the same data that drives the MQE. Learn how Shop & Enroll streamlines the way you do business and sign up for your own site

Additionally, while you’re on the phone with Medicare clients this AEP, don’t forget to stay compliant with CMS regulations regarding call recording. Besides the MQE, our Platform also houses CallVault! Our in-house development team created this tool for our agents to record and store both outbound and inbound calls. Any agent registered with Ritter can access CallVault.*

● ● ●

Our MQE also helps you determine the contracts you need in order to sell the plans your clients want. Don’t wait, there’s still time to contract to sell all the competitive plans in your market for the upcoming AEP.

The efficiency and convenience of Ritter’s Medicare Quote Engine make it a must-have for AEP. Start quoting today!

*The CallVault compliant call recording feature is available today to all agents registered with RitterIM.com.

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